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Stone Baskets with detachable handle

Among various technologies to extract stones from the urinary tract, Stone Baskets remain a highly effective and cost sensitive tool for urologists. UROTECH presents itself with a wide range of nitinol stone retrieval baskets including helical, straight and filiform wire baskets.

UROTECH developed together with Prof. Dr. med. Sven Lahme (Chief physician, Siloah St. Trudpert Klinikum Pforzheim, Germany) a new innovative handle for all stone retrieval baskets. This handle is characterized by several unique design elements.


Stone Baskets TIPLESS
Stone Baskets "TIPLESS"
Stone Baskets TIPLESS 1.2
Stone Baskets TIPLESS 1.2 FR
Stone Baskets HELICAL
Stone Baskets "HELICAL"
Stone Baskets FILIFORM
Stone Baskets "FILIFORM"
Stone Baskets STRAIGHT
Stone Baskets „STRAIGHT“

Detachable Handle acc. to "Lahme"

  • ergonomic handle design with non-slip surface
  • automatic fixation of stone in the basket with spring mechanism
  • dis- and reconnenctable handle: endoscope can be removed while retrieval basket is situated and the handel afterwards reconnected again

Stone Baskets

  • high elastic nitinol material
  • optimal closing force
  • grasping of smallest stone concrements also on tissue edges
Short instruction, detachable handle for TIPLESS, bw Short instruction, detachable handle for TIPLESS, colour TIPLESS Stone Baskets Stone Baskets,
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Pulication 1.2 FR stone basket