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For the wide field of Nephrostomy, UROTECH offers a large range of catheters and sets tailor-made for all current operating techniques such as direct nephrostomy, 2-step or standard percutaneous nephrostomy. Our range of catheters includes balloon, J-tip as well as uniquely phosphorylcholine (PC) treated catheters to minimize the infection rate around the puncture site.

Nephrostomy Balloon Catheter
Nephrostomy Balloon Catheter
Nephrostomy Catheter
Nephrostomy Catheter


  • Pigtail catheter treated with PC
  • Pigtail catheter treated with PC locking pigtail
    Pigtail Catheter
  • Silicone Balloon Catheter
  • Silicone Catheter with integrated Balloon and detachable cone

available as a puncture and change sets with different components